bad points in a sentence

"bad points" in Chinese  
  1. Wrestlers who accumulated 5 " bad points " were eliminated.
  2. MPEG-4 is another tool that has its good and bad points like anything else.
  3. Now let's get back to the many bad points again.
  4. The bad point is the first pitch of the game,
  5. The arrangement, observers note, has its good and bad points.
  6. It's difficult to find bad points in a sentence.
  7. I think that was a bad point in Yonkers history.
  8. Not such a bad point for a movie to make.
  9. This had its good side, but also its bad points.
  10. Bad points : Poor graphics, no analogue stick / nub.
  11. We all have some good points and some bad points.
  12. "On grass you have one or two bad points and you're down a break ."
  13. But the problem with Timoney is that his good points are also his bad points.
  14. I've got my good points and my bad points.
  15. Americans have bad points, but they don't tend to look at them too much ."
  16. I also saw the bad points of each ."
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