bad points in a sentence

"bad points" in Chinese  
  1. "It has its good points and its bad points, " said Posner.
  2. I played a couple of bad points, including on that double fault,
  3. Too bad Point Given had already crossed the finish line eons earlier.
  4. The article achieves a nice balance between Knox's good and bad points.
  5. There are good points and bad points; this is a good point,
  6. It's difficult to find bad points in a sentence.
  7. The new rules package has its good points and its bad points,
  8. :You have some good points and some bad points-about mostly old news.
  9. We had some good points in that game and some bad points,
  10. Being the franchise player has its good and bad points, Swann said.
  11. I'm relatively new to Wikipedia, which has its good and bad points.
  12. The ICC like everything else has its good points and its bad points.
  13. And that, actually, is not such a bad point at all.
  14. Everyone in the film has their good points and bad points.
  15. I suppose every invasive species has its good and bad points.
  16. One warning against the possible misuse ( the bad points ) of the policy.
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