bad poetry in a sentence

  1. Felix Jaeger did end a grudge between Gotrek Gurnisson and Gotrek's childhood friend by taking the source of their grudge, a book of bad poetry, and ripping it in half, giving half to each.
  2. Dawkins, evidently a bit stung, asserts in his new book that Gould writes " bad poetry " that " in his hands is all the more damaging because Gould is a graceful writer ."
  3. Where does he keep your toothbrush ? ) and finally a " couple's report card, " in which Walsh has chosen inexplicably to share samples of the bad poetry she wrote when she was brokenhearted.
  4. However, the greatest boost to his fame probably came from a number of his poems being anthologized in the collection " Very Bad Poetry ", edited by Ross and Kathryn Petras ( Vintage, 1997 ).
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