bad poetry in a sentence

  1. The opening scene introduces the play's senex amans : Lorenzo is in erotic pursuit of Franceschina, and composes bad poetry praising her ( questionable ) beauties.
  2. Personal Web pages are important holding areas for all the bad poetry you've ever written, for the photographs no one wanted to see from your last vacation.
  3. He writes bad poetry and _ I swear, this is in the movie _ inspires her to, um, maximum excitement by talking dirty to her in the kitchen.
  4. When one Vedic poet writes, " don't kill the innocent cow, " he really means " don't make bad poetry,"
  5. And suddenly there's a whole chorus ( choreographed by Sheila Carter ) of dancing domestics : prancing housemaids waving handkerchiefs and gardeners snipping shears, all spewing deliriously bad poetry.
  6. It's difficult to find bad poetry in a sentence.
  7. Selections of Moore appeared in D . B . Wyndham-Lewis and Charles Lee's famous " Stuffed Owl " anthology, and in other collections of bad poetry.
  8. When he telephones in 1977 ( after a long absence ), he's writing bad poetry and jet-setting around the globe using the credit card of his rich American girlfriend.
  9. "The Vikings, the Saxons, the Normans _ all these godless bastards swept into the British Isles bringing their foul cooking and bad poetry " is the way Monger puts it.
  10. The band meets even its harshest criticism _ one review read on camera describes them as " treading water in a sea of retarded sexuality and bad poetry " _ with addled equanimity.
  11. Several writers of doggerel and humorously bad poetry ( such as David Burge ), often use " Burma Shave " on the last line of their poems to indicate their non-serious nature.
  12. Williams toned down his " Rose Tattoo " screenplay, probably because of Hollywood censorship, but whatever the reason, he toned down and tossed out some of the more ecstatically bad poetry.
  13. Maybe the most offensive things we have to cope with on this Mother's Day are the bad poetry written in praise of " deah old Mothaw " and the cliches delivered in her honor.
  14. In fact, if you were to rank National Columnists Day on a scale of importance, it would probably fall somewhere between Respect Canada Day ( July 15 ) and Bad Poetry Day ( Aug . 18 ).
  15. That's why we wind up with dense 35, 000-word essays from the Unabomber and megareams of bad poetry from people who think distended, tumescent words about finding themselves are worth others'time.
  16. An example from " The New Baby, " by Fred Emerson Brooks, identified in Very Bad Poetry as " the worst baby-talk poem ever written, " may serve the cause.
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