bad poetry in a sentence

  1. It featured what some have described as " deliberately bad poetry ", some of which is about zebras.
  2. Indravadan constantly derides Roshesh for being tied to his mother's apron strings and for writing bad poetry.
  3. Oscar Wilde famously said that all bad poetry is sincere, and the same could be said of bad painting.
  4. There is a profusion of riches in " Very Bad Poetry " ( Vintage, $ 10 ).
  5. By the end of the book, Coetzee is no longer writing bad poetry and waiting for the perfect lover.
  6. It's difficult to find bad poetry in a sentence.
  7. Either you wince at their earnest political correctness and bad poetry or worship their harmonies and dedication to their beliefs.
  8. At first, she performed " bad poetry from my journals " until she decided against the confessional route.
  9. Cadet Hanson says she will continue keeping a journal of " bad poetry " and wants always to educate herself.
  10. Without drawing any snobbish lines of good poetry vs . bad poetry, the project captured beautifully the power of verse in memory.
  11. Lyrically, the track was inspired by a man who had been calling Stefani at all hours to recite bad poetry to her.
  12. The offerings _ from gift ideas and weekend getaways to bad poetry _ have caused an explosion of romance-oriented Web sites this year.
  13. The next day, Rakis sent the petite redhead three-dozen roses " with some really bad poetry he had written ."
  14. He maintained a lifelong interest in archaeology, architecture, kitschy antiques, bad poetry, traveling to the UK, and studying history and Latin.
  15. In 2012, the " Columbia Daily Spectator " listed the Kilmer Bad Poetry Contest # 1 among its " Best Columbia Arts Traditions ".
  16. He also used the preface as a vehicle to attack California's literature and blamed the state's " monotonous climate " for its bad poetry.
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