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    The venous trunk of the upper limb; a continuation of the basilar and brachial veins running from the lower border of the teres major muscle to the outer border of the first rib where it becomes the subclavian vein.


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  1. As it ascends the medial side of the biceps in the arm proper ( between the elbow and shoulder ), the basilic vein normally perforates the brachial fascia ( deep fascia ) above the circumflex humeral veins feed into it, just before it joins the brachial veins to form the axillary vein.
  2. Catheters can be placed in veins in the neck ( internal jugular vein ), chest ( subclavian vein or axillary vein ), groin ( femoral vein ), or through veins in the arms ( also known as a peripheral vein, obtain blood tests ( specifically the " central venous oxygen saturation " ), and measure central venous pressure.

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