automatic processes in a sentence

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  1. It is a fairly automatic process, but getting 300 CDs onto a jukebox could take weeks.
  2. :: : But how would the automatic process know that the fact now needs an update?
  3. That they could be stripped of RFA by some automatic process if they don't follow through?
  4. "There is no sense that it is an automatic process, a smooth progress, " added Ediz.
  5. *To be an automatic process, the effect should, for each specific person, be fairly stable over time.
  6. It's difficult to find automatic processes in a sentence.
  7. One theory explains that normal facial recognition requires automatic processes, whereas special facial recognition requires controlled processes.
  8. A recent study on pupil size directly demonstrated emotion perception was automatic process modulated by mirror systems.
  9. For common stains, an automatic process is normally used; but rarely used stains are often done by hand.
  10. It is not dependent on failure to find a literal meaning but instead a mandatory and automatic process.
  11. This is not an automatic process.
  12. The use of SHARP software in the libraries has made book issuing and depositing system completely an automatic process.
  13. The influence of goals on habits is what makes a habit different from other automatic processes in the mind.
  14. It's not an automatic process.
  15. The identification step can either be a manual or an automatic process depending on the complexity of the overlaps.
  16. Stevens said he had the discretion to make that call, which comes with an automatic process for an appeal.
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