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  1. It is time for the authorities to offer something besides correspondence.
  2. Maryland Community Development Authority, $ 50 million of debt securities.
  3. The authority operates 712 units of subsidized housing at three locations.
  4. Jackson's conflicts with the authority go beyond his crimes.
  5. -- Improving the way federal authorities deal with immigration emergencies.
  6. It's difficult to find authority in a sentence.
  7. Lucas took authorities to her dismembered body in Denton in 1982.
  8. But that was denied by both Israeli and Palestinian Authority officials.
  9. New Jersey Economic Authority, $ 65 million of revenue bonds.
  10. Massachusetts State Building Authority, $ 90 million of debt securities.
  11. They were given the authority to regulate this sort of matter.
  12. The almighty dollar has given the authority to the almighty player.
  13. He is the voice of sympathetic, if impatient, authority.
  14. And this season Ms . Karan wielded her edge with authority.
  15. Where Gingrich delegates authority, Dole is stringently self-reliant.
  16. Illinois Housing Development Authority, $ 57 million of debt securities.
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