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  1. On August 11, 2001, Hussein al-Attas drove Moussaoui to Minnesota from Oklahoma.
  2. Attas drove Moussaoui to Eagan, Minn ., where he tried to attend another flight school.
  3. Mr . al-Attas does not believe that civilian deaths are an acceptable part of jihad,
  4. The man he had been rooming with got married and asked al-Attas to move out.
  5. Federal agents arrested Moussaoui and al-Attas in Eagan, Minnesota, on Aug . 16.
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  7. Numan joined the Chairman Haidar Abu Bakr al-Attas, who preceded Numan as Prime Minister.
  8. Al-Attas has won international recognition by orient lists and scholars of Islamic and Malay civilisations.
  9. On Monday, Judge Michael B . Mukasey ordered Attas held as a material witness pending that trial.
  10. Attas also drove Moussaoui to Eagan, Minn ., where he tried to attend another flight school.
  11. Friends of Al-Attas said he once shared a residence with Moussaoui and drove him to Minnesota.
  12. Al-Attas will likely be deported after testifying against Moussaoui, said lawyers familiar with the case.
  13. Under the plea agreement, al-Attas would face a prison sentence of up to six months.
  14. Al-Attas married Hamida in the late 1950s or early 1960s, and they are still together.
  15. It was unclear Tuesday whether Attas might ultimately be given his freedom before the Moussaoui trial starts next spring.
  16. On Aug . 18, after mosque members in Norman posted his bond, al-Attas was released.
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