at the pains meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "at the pains" in a sentence
  • 尽力, 用心, 下苦功
  • pain:    n. 佩恩〔姓氏〕。
  • at pains:    尽力, 用心
  • be at pains:    费尽力气, 煞费苦心, 尽力设法
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  1. Forgiveness is looking at the pain , learning the lessons it has produced , and understanding what we have learned
  2. Mary pretends she s so insane , so insane , so insane she just sits back and laughs at the pain
  3. After our beautiful wedding i continued working part time at the pain center and completed my work for a masters degree
  4. Frequently when they came to a gate or stile they found painted thereon in red or blue letters some text of scripture , and she asked him if he knew who had been at the pains to blazon these announcements

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