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  • 呈示即付
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  1. The runtime creates one extra back buffer and copies whichever buffer becomes the front buffer at presentation time
  2. Speech by ce at presentation of report on economic summit on china s 11th five - year plan and development of hk with photos video
  3. Associate degree or above . more than 2 years of relevant working experience . good at presentation both in chinese and english . can work independently and under pressure
    大专以上学历. 2年以上相关工作经验.中英文表达良好.独立工作能力强,能适应压力下工作
  4. Compared with the nine cases of benign teratomas , the four malignant gcts showed overwhelming male dominance , advanced symptoms at presentation , and poor outcome
  5. Experiments show that the proposed approach can improve the satisfaction of portlet discovery , and also facilitate the portlet interoperation , thereby achieving better application integration at presentation level

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