at christmas in a sentence

"at christmas" in Chinese  
  1. Mothers requested food instead of toys for their kids at Christmas.
  2. The offer period was then extended at Christmas to Spring 2015.
  3. The eggnog ice cream was produced each year at Christmas time.
  4. At Christmas 1902 he visited the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk.
  5. Bingo receipts were too meager to treat the poor at Christmas.
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  7. At Christmas and throughout the year, I like to go there.
  8. My kids deserve to be in their own house at Christmas.
  9. At Christmas, she mailed him an umbrella with a fish design.
  10. At Christmas, Belanger injured his lower back and missed six games.
  11. The death was a British soldier who committed suicide at Christmas.
  12. Which says rather a lot about what we like at Christmas.
  13. Bonnie is sad because nobody wants to buy her at Christmas.
  14. It was at Christmas one year that Kurth told the story.
  15. All buildings used as Crisis at Christmas Centres are temporarily donated.
  16. Vicky returns to the Street at Christmas 1998 with a bang.
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