at carnegie hall in a sentence

  1. The FYAO performed at Carnegie Hall on June 15, 2008.
  2. It performed at Carnegie Hall in April 2006 and November 2010.
  3. These concerts are performed in the Vanguard Series at Carnegie Hall.
  4. On January 10, 2009, he appeared at Carnegie Hall.
  5. She also performed with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall.
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  7. He played at Carnegie Hall in New York City in 2000.
  8. In 1999, she was a featured conductor at Carnegie Hall.
  9. In 1961, Turini made his American debut at Carnegie Hall.
  10. You don't just go and perform at Carnegie Hall.
  11. In 1945 he performed at Carnegie Hall with pianist Artur Balsam.
  12. In 1960 he led Birgit Nilsson in concert at Carnegie Hall.
  13. March 16, 1997 was the spring concert at Carnegie Hall.
  14. He performed again at Carnegie Hall on January 9, 2010.
  15. Even so, he played a concert with Perlman at Carnegie Hall.
  16. APRIL 2 : at 7 p . m . at Carnegie Hall.
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