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  1. Back at Call's base, Ripley is still yet to be convinced to join the mission to stop Trollenberg's project.
  2. Davies ( 2005 ) takes a look back at CALL's past and attempts to predict where it is going.
  3. The maximum data rate of each " non-scheduled " flow is configured at call setup, and typically not changed frequently.
  4. According to industry estimates at least 3 . 5 million people work at call centers; three out of four are women.
  5. Since more than 25 percent of the calls are routine, requiring simple answers, speech-recognition systems may reduce jobs at call centers.
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  7. Wells Fargo has already announced cuts at call centers and back-office facilities in locations such as Oregon, Montana, Nebraska and Indiana.
  8. "We are concerned at calls being made from the Middle East to widen the conflict to a holy war, " he said.
  9. His thoughts were echoed by a Pakistani immigrant waiting for a booth at Call Time, the international calling center down the street.
  10. The comments appeared directed in part at calls from members of Congress, especially Democrats, for tougher laws and regulations on corporate oversight.
  11. The bank also has trained a number of bilingual telephone bankers to handle small-business questions at call centers in Tempe and Chicago.
  12. During its operation 3, 000 officers, cadets, and enlisted men were stationed at Call Field, and 500 officers received their wings there.
  13. Later, the programming tools Draper had developed while working at Call Computer were widely used by many of the first personal computer designers.
  14. Baluyevsky bristled at calls for downsizing the military further, saying that would weaken Russia's global prestige and turn it into a second-tier country.
  15. I looked at call-out and pull quote, but neither seems quite right .-- talk ) 16 : 06, 15 August 2013 ( UTC)
  16. The museum does not demonize America for dropping the bomb, but rather it directs its message at calls for peace and nuclear disarmament.
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