at breakneck speed in a sentence

"at breakneck speed" in Chinese  
  1. It's happening at breakneck speed.
  2. You wish there weren't so many of them scooting around at breakneck speeds.
  3. And how is an lion going to stop an adult elephant going at breakneck speeds?
  4. She had read that the old Hollywood screwball comedies were written and shot at breakneck speed.
  5. Too much leisure time and having nothing to do can get them flowing at breakneck speed.
  6. It's difficult to find at breakneck speed in a sentence.
  7. In Buckhead, a wealthy section, the building of megamansions is proceeding at breakneck speed.
  8. The Bryans played an aggressive first set at breakneck speed, serving up ace after ace.
  9. She can remember driving late at night at breakneck speed to farmhouses deep in the piney woods.
  10. Some months later Doo drives Loretta at breakneck speed to a site for a proposed new house.
  11. They told of seeing a man racing past them at breakneck speed with a gun in his hand.
  12. Rates were high enough to keep inflation under control and prevent the economy from expanding at breakneck speed.
  13. Ambulances zoomed in and out at breakneck speed, one leaving almost as quickly as another pulled up.
  14. The state's higher education budget, already increasing at breakneck speed, would climb even faster.
  15. It's cartoonish, bratty punk played at breakneck speed and peppered with heavy-metal shtick.
  16. Instead, I was expected to jump off trees and travel at breakneck speeds through the upper canopy.
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