at a high rate in a sentence

"at a high rate" in Chinese  
  1. Protecting the article will be a good idea if the changes continue at a high rate.
  2. Students who graduate from PCTE are recruited at a high rate by a variety of corporations.
  3. The truck apparently slipped into reverse gear and began traveling backward at a high rate of speed,
  4. He is moving at a high rate of speed to complete the destruction before winter sets in.
  5. This is a starburst galaxy, which means it is forming new stars at a high rate.
  6. It's difficult to find at a high rate in a sentence.
  7. The economy will grow at a high rate that will have negative repercussions for the balance of payments.
  8. The disc spins at a high rate _ 6, 360 rpms _ to get its good performance.
  9. "Hatteberg is operating at a high rate of confidence right now, " said Little.
  10. Lodish said the drug appears to work by forcing muscles to burn fatty acids at a high rate.
  11. Brampton has a very large South Asian population, which is expected to grow at a high rate.
  12. The population of Uturu has been growing at a high rate over decades, until the last decade.
  13. There is an anecdotal sense that miscarriages have occurred at a high rate in the county, she said.
  14. And savvy veterans drop out at a high rate, especially from the moderate centers of the two parties.
  15. -- Staff members continue to physically restrain children at a high rate, despite policies that discourage that.
  16. Witnesses said he went off course at a high rate of speed at Turn 12, called Canada Corner.
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