at a high rate in a sentence

"at a high rate" in Chinese  
  1. The seeds all germinated at a high rate under all light types tested.
  2. The aircraft started to descend at a high rate.
  3. Income in the trust, however, may be taxed at a high rate.
  4. They happen at a high rate of speed.
  5. It later affected small children and the elderly at a high rate as well.
  6. It's difficult to find at a high rate in a sentence.
  7. Explosive vapors are pulled into an adsorber at a high rate and then pyrolized.
  8. Plasma meets her end when the train crashes at a high rate of speed.
  9. Those who maintain the body's metabolism at a high rate have more energy.
  10. However, regulatory sequences disappear and re-evolve during evolution at a high rate.
  11. Growth continued at a high rate for most of the 1950s, despite occasional slowdowns.
  12. The French market for generics will grow at a high rate in the next few years,
  13. Apparently the safety devices failed, and they started traveling at a high rate of speed.
  14. A vehicle was observed by an agent leaving the scene at a high rate of speed.
  15. The distortion changes at a high rate, typically more frequently than 100 times a second.
  16. The wooden wings of Ansons flying in Australia were found to fail at a high rate.
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