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  1. According to Parashara Chmara yoga arises if navamsa it makes one blessed with plenty of wealth but if such an auspicious planet is in a kendrasthana the person becames a ruler; if the rasi or navamsa or drekkena rising in the lagna-bhava, ghati-lagna and hora-lagna or any two are aspected by a strong planet a Raja yoga will arise.
  2. According to the Tajika System, where unlike the Parashari System the good or bad nature of an aspect is not as per the relation between the aspecting and the aspected planet or sign but on the kind of the aspect itself, Yogas are formed on the basis of applying aspect, and by full and separating aspect as formed between relatively slow and fast moving planets.
  3. A very powerful " Raja yoga " is caused if the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter are in the 10th, 11th and 1st respectively, Mercury and Mars in the 2nd and Venus joins the Sun situated in the 4th house in which event the Full Moon in the 10th will be aspected by Mars and be in mutual aspectual relationship with Venus and the Sun.
  4. According to the Hindu Astrology all planetary combinations and their indications are based on the strength, nature, aspect, avastha ( status ) and combination of planets, on the qualities and the strength of the rasis and bhavas owned, occupied and aspected by planets, and on the influence of the yogas given rise to by planets which factors are required to be taken into account collectively.
  5. A woman becomes capable of bearing a child after appearance of the first of the menses recurring in a cycle found to be governed by the upachayasthana " from the " Janam-rasi " i . e . from the natal position of the Moon; if the Moon is aspected by Mars or is in an " upachayasthana " then she will not conceive.
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