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  1. Application server project , where it s the basis for the addition of new aspect - oriented programming features
  2. Ramnivas laddad is an author , speaker , consultant , and trainer specializing in aspect - oriented programming and j2ee
  3. In this article , i present a method of generating common base events natively by leveraging aspect - oriented programming
  4. He is completing his ph . d . at the university of british columbia , where he is working on making ides more aspect - oriented
  5. His chief areas of interest are patterns , aspect - oriented programming , and agile methodologies ; he s co - author of the ibm redbook
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  7. Spring provides dependency injection and aspect - oriented programming to make it easier to integrate services and dependencies
  8. Series have explored the relationship between annotations , metadata , and aspect - oriented programming see " aop and metadata " in the
  9. However , aspect - oriented approach is difficult to describe and solve the problem that project targets are complex coupled
  10. Contains a series of articles exploring the new features of aspectj 5 and on aspect - oriented programming with aspectj in general
  11. Mik kersten is a leading aspect - oriented programming expert and a committer on the aspectj and ajdt eclipse . org projects
  12. He also consults for companies that build development tools to help them leverage and support aspect - oriented programming technology
  13. Series is intended for developers who have some background in aspect - oriented programming and want to expand or deepen what they know
  14. Dependency injection and aspect - oriented programming are complementary techniques , so it s natural to want to use them together
  15. Now in its second milestone build , aspectj 5 is a big leap forward for aspect - oriented programming on the java platform
  16. The premiere conference for aspect - oriented programming will this year include ron s report on the use of aspects for ui monitoring and macros
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