aspect ratios in a sentence

"aspect ratios" in Chinese  
  1. But what I can not get over is its aspect ratio.
  2. Besides, I want to study about television aspect ratio too.
  3. Aspect ratio 45-- what's up with that?
  4. Citing issues with the sound and aspect ratio of the documentary.
  5. Another name for it is " prescaled " aspect ratio ".
  6. It's difficult to find aspect ratios in a sentence.
  7. It had the highest aspect ratio wing of any wooden glider.
  8. Those proportions are expressed in what the trade calls an aspect ratio.
  9. We bump up against the next circle of hell : aspect ratio.
  10. The screen minimizes glare and shows movies in their true aspect ratios.
  11. Aspect ratios up to several 10 4 can be reached.
  12. High aspect ratio canopies typically have nine or more cells.
  13. Currently all programming is shown in their original aspect ratios.
  14. The IMAX version has a 1.66 : 1 aspect ratio.
  15. This release is anamorphic in 2.40 : 1 aspect ratio.
  16. This is the result of the higher aspect ratio of the sloop.
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