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  1. ASEE created the Black Engineering College Development program which used industry funding to upgrade engineering faculty in traditionally black colleges and to develop public information on these schools.
  2. ASEE also received several grants in the 1970s to research the status of women and American Indians and develop programs to attract more of these students to enter engineering.
  3. In 1967 he was promoted to Dean of the College of Engineering at KSU . He published over 60 technical papers in ASHRAE, ASME, ASEE and others.
  4. After the war, the desire to integrate the less research-oriented SPEE with the ECRA resulted in the disbanding of SPEE and the formation of ASEE in 1946.
  5. He is a member of the professional association in his field, ACM, ACM SIGGRAPH, IEEE, and ASEE, and has been active in various committees in SIGGRAPH.
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  7. Baum is the first woman president of the ASEE . She has served as president of ABET . She has sat on the National Science Foundation's Engineering Advisory Board.
  8. In July 1988, Robert L . Forward presented a paper at the AIAA / ASME / SAE / ASEE 24th Joint Propulsion Conference that proposed a Bondi negative gravitational mass propulsion system.
  9. Since then, ASEE has continued to release studies on the subject in its Journal of Engineering Education, and has created divisions specifically devoted to developing programs and research in this area.
  10. In 1985, he got the Summer Faculty Fellowship of NASA-ASEE at the NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, and in 1989 was a Fellow at India s Marine Biological Association.
  11. In 1929, the Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education, now called American Society for Engineering Education ( ASEE ), formed the Division of Cooperative Engineering Education, incorporating the membership of the ACC.
  12. During the AIAA / SEA / ASME / ASEE conference in Nashville, TN, 6 8 July 1992, NASA published a picture describing one of proposed design embodiment of composite gear housing for an aircraft.
  13. As a result of this new focus, ASEE began to administer several teaching-related government contracts, including NASA's summer faculty fellowships and the Defense Department's Civil Defense Summer Institutes and Fellowships.
  14. He is also Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science ( AAAS ), and member of American Society for Engineering Education ( ASEE ), Directed Energy Professional Society ( DEPS ), and Combustion Institute.
  15. S . K . Sen and G . A . Shaykhian, Scope of various random number generators in ant system approach for TSP Paper AC2007-458, 2007 ASEE ( American Society for Engineering Education ) Proc.
  16. Professor Koen is a Fellow of ASEE and he has received several awards including the Chester F . Carlson award for innovation, the W . Leighton Collin s award for service to engineering education, and the Centennial Medallion.
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