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  1. The name of the monastery is the Holy Archangel Michael Monastery.
  2. The window, showing the Archangel Michael defeating Satan, was designed by Francis Skeat.
  3. He decided to dedicate the Spanish town to the Archangel Michael.
  4. Inside the mount is a chapel dedicated to the Archangel Michael.
  5. The parish is now served by the Saint Archangel Michael Church.
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  7. An apparition dedicated to the archangel Michael appeared and released him.
  8. Some authors identify these heads with the figures of archangel Michael and Christ.
  9. Their main religious festival is dedicated to the Archangel Michael celebrated in September.
  10. As the archangel Michael, John Travolta doesn't don a white suit.
  11. It is a wooden church St . of Archangel Michael, 1882.
  12. The feast day of the archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael is September 29.
  13. Between the two towers, there is a white statue of the Archangel Michael.
  14. In 1864 was built a church dedicated to Saint Archangel Michael.
  15. Public religious displays center around Archangel Michael ( September 29 ).
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