approach to in a sentence

"approach to" in Chinese  
  1. But both are likely to choose a different approach to captaincy.
  2. Cable operators have also taken a more sophisticated approach to marketing.
  3. Some Republican bosses took an equally lighthearted approach to the situation.
  4. Experiments with the knockout mice suggest a different approach to treatment.
  5. Other Catholic colleges have chosen more informal approaches to the crisis.
  6. It's difficult to find approach to in a sentence.
  7. The campaign instead concentrated on their backgrounds and approaches to government.
  8. Dissent has long racked the shifting American diplomatic approach to Bosnia.
  9. This settlement is a fresh and prudent approach to this problem,
  10. The human approach to preventing violence is not limited to DeKalb.
  11. And they always took a cautious approach to this whole thing.
  12. This new approach to a soccer league has brought myriad changes.
  13. The moment has come for a new approach to elderly defendants.
  14. The old approaches to solving our deficit problem are not working.
  15. I think James Spader did a singular interesting approach to it.
  16. The discovery suggests a promising approach to developing an AIDS vaccine.
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