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  1. When the aorta ruptures completely, blood fills the abdominal cavity.
  2. As he recuperated, Hess developed an infection in his aorta.
  3. A medic said later that the crushing weight severed his aorta.
  4. He has shrapnel close to his spinal cord and his aorta.
  5. The bullet perforated his lung, only just missing his aorta.
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  7. The aortas of the tea group suffered less damage and scarring.
  8. One committed suicide, the other died of a ruptured aorta.
  9. A burst aorta, if left untreated, is usually fatal.
  10. She died 10 minutes after her discharge when her aorta ruptured.
  11. In the aorta, aneurysms can burst and kill nearly instantly.
  12. In the aorta, it can burst and kill nearly instantly.
  13. He suffered from hypertension and his aorta ruptured, Mark said.
  14. Surgeons discovered cancer in one lung that spread to his aorta.
  15. He sustained life-threatening injuries, including a ruptured aorta.
  16. In the 2005 offseason, Traylor had surgery on his aorta.
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