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  1. The aorist of this verb is irregular, since it ends in ( ).
  2. In the development of Latin, for example, the aorist merged with the perfect.
  3. There is disagreement as to which functions of the Greek aorist are inherent within it.
  4. Aorist and imperfect have disappeared from literary styles before the end of the 15th century.
  5. A few archaisms still used ( aorist in the perfective aspect 1KABL'was').
  6. It's difficult to find aorists in a sentence.
  7. The aorist participle may be used where the action is completed, called the perfective aspect.
  8. The remaining verbs may use only the past aorist, only the past imperfect or both.
  9. The Homeric aorist differs in morphology from Attic, but the educated Athenians imitated Homeric syntax.
  10. For this area of meaning the imperfect and aorist indicative tenses are used in Ancient Greek.
  11. The sibilant aorist is formed with the suffixation of " s " to the stem.
  12. Proto-Slavic maintained part of this, distinguishing between aorist and imperfect in the past tense.
  13. The aspectual distinction between present and aorist was retained and still productive in Proto-Balto-Slavic.
  14. "Aorist participles " are used when the dependent clause takes place before the independent clause.
  15. In the Aorist a different pair of auxiliaries is used, one for intransitives and another for transitives.
  16. Athematic verbs, and perfect actives and aorist passives, add the suffix instead, e . g ..
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