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  • 安怡
  • 奥恩
  • 单代号网络图
  • 公司怡安
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  1. This paper mainly studies aon ( all optical network ) adaptation layer technology and blocking probability of wavelength - routing networks
  2. In this case , the author puts forward to new aon - linear neural networks for classing - cc model and its network architecture
    为此作者提出了新的用于分类学习的非线性神经元模型- - cc模型以及相应网络结构。
  3. Passive optical network ( pon ) and active optical network ( aon ) are two kinds of technologies that can be used to construct the optical access network
    当前用于实现光接入网的技术主要有两种:无源光网络技术pon和有源光网络技术aon 。
  4. For l2 , existence of routes of aon , bon has been proved [ 2 ] . in higher dimensional lattices , only at critical state , existence of routes has not been completely solved yet [ 5 ]
    在首达渗流中,一个重要的猜想是:对a , a当厂门) 1乃时,极限h 。
  5. With the development of optical fiber network , it makes a higher requirement of photonic devices . all optical network ( aon ) will be the main physical carrier in the future , the development of photonic devices will be the key technology to realize aon

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