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  1. If a CDN relies on the IP address of the DNS resolver instead of the client when resolving DNS requests, it can incorrectly geo-locate a client if the client is using Google anycast addresses for their DNS resolver, which can create latency problems.
  2. The Sony Anycast is a portable video switcher that runs a firmware version of the Linux OS . It provides 6 video inputs of varying sources ( HD via DV, S-video, or composite inputs . ) It also provides RealMedia based streaming output.
  3. IPv6 addresses are classified by three types of networking methodologies : unicast addresses identify each network interface, anycast addresses identify a group of interfaces, usually at different locations of which the nearest one is automatically selected, and multicast addresses are used to deliver one packet to many interfaces.
  4. Google claims various efficiency and speed benefits, such as using anycast routing to send user requests to the closest data center, over-provisioning servers to handle denial-of-service attacks and cache containing the most popular names and another pool of servers partitioned by the name to be looked up.
  5. Autonomica provides several for free services for the good of the Internet, such as i . root-servers . net, one of the 13 Root-servers, and UTC . Autonomica also finances its operation by sharing the platform used for Anycast of the i . root-servers . net with several TLDs that make use of the platform.
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  7. These addresses usually have the 57 first bits of the interface identifier set to 1, followed by the 7-bit anycast ID . Prefixes for the network, including subnets, are required to have a length of 64 bits, in which case the universal / local bit must be set to 0 to indicate the address is not globally unique.
  8. However, in practice, the root nameserver infrastructure is highly resilient and distributed, using both the inherent features of DNS ( result caching, retries, and multiple servers for the same zone with fallback if one or more fail ), and, in recent years, a combination of anycast and load balancer techniques used to implement most of the thirteen nominal individual root servers as globally distributed clusters of servers in multiple data centers.
  9. ,major PCH projects include the construction and support of more than a third of the world's approximately 350 Internet exchange points ( IXPs ); operation of the INOC-DBA global Internet infrastructure protection hotline communications system; support for globally anycast Domain Name System ( DNS ) resources including root nameservers and more than one hundred and thirty top-level domains ( TLDs ); operation of the only Level 3, Equinix, the governments of Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Mexico, France, Singapore, Chile, Switzerland, and the United States, and hundreds of Internet service providers and individuals.
  10. I was reading about using Google Public DNS here and was wondering, if the machine I were using were configured to use Google's DNS at 8.8 . 8.8 ( anycast to the nearest Google DNS, of course ), and if the machine were connecting to a router configured to use an ISP DNS like Comcast, like, and if that router were connected to the Internet, if I typed'http : / / www . example . com'into a browser on the machine, which DNS would my request for that page go through ? talk ) 18 : 40, 14 January 2014 ( UTC)
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