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  1. Rare species like the fire salamander, the " Coronella austriaca ", the great spotted woodpecker and the " Anguis fragilis " live in the forest or in the brooks and ponds.
  2. :As you probably know there are only two reptile species in Ireland, the Viviparous lizard ( " Zootoca vivipara " ) and the legless lizard, better known as the slow-worm ( " Anguis fragilis " ).
  3. Amphibians and reptiles include Salamandra salamandra, Rana temporaria, Bufo bufo and Rana esculenta, rarely also other species such as Hyla arborea, Rana dalmatina, etc . Reptiles include the numerous Anguis fragilis and the much rarer Lacerta agilis, Lacerta viridis, Elaphe longissima, and extremely rarely also Coronella austriaca and Natrix natrix.
  4. Serbian : sr : ! ; 5 ? 8 [  and Croatian : hr : Sljepi the words for Anguis fragilis or " slow worm " or " blindworm " are I'd say almost certainly built on that root ( cf . one of the English synonyms ) even though it's not clear to me what's blind about those guys.
  5. The coup turns out to have been a plot by the leader of the Noble Alliance, Duke Cayenne, a descendant of the false emperor who had been defeated by emperor Dreichels, ancestor to the current imperial family, to gain power, and the Witch of the Abyss Vita Clotilde, second Anguis of Ouroboros, had been cooperating with him to fulfil the Phantasmal Blaze plan by making the Blaze Holy Castle appear and have the two God Knights, Valimar and Ordine, duel there.
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