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  1. Under these latter conditions the rainbow angles change relative to the natural phenomenon since the effective index of refraction of water changes ( Bravais'index of refraction for inclined rays applies ).
  2. These angle changes depend on : 1 ) the instantaneous angle between the pitcher-catcher line and the relative velocity vector, and 2 ) the pitcher-catcher velocity relative to the speed of the ball.
  3. As the triangle gets larger or smaller, the angles change in a way that forbids the existence of similar hyperbolic triangles, as only triangles that have the same angles will have the same area.
  4. It's hard to articulate exactly, but to give one example of where things go wrong, there's a gratuitous camera angle change every time you go up to the line of scrimmage to take the snap.
  5. In many of the recessed areas decoration was added by either engraving or punching which would show through the translucent enamel, or to facet the background so the reflections change as the viewing angle changes slightly.
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