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  1. In the case of diffraction, the entire rainbow of colours will typically be observed as the viewing angle changes.
  2. One phenomenon particular to the cross-flow fan is that, as the blades rotate, the local air incidence angle changes.
  3. As load transfers across the vehicle the tire's ability to provide cornering force for a given slip angle changes.
  4. A more complex model is needed to measure how the apparent contact angle changes when various materials are involved.
  5. Walls can be shortened or lengthened, and / or corner angles changed to fit a given location on the layout.
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  7. Words and camera angles change; objects come and go; the fight is sometimes on the floor, sometimes on the bed.
  8. Seen from the side, this arm is roughly parallel to the ground, with the angle changing based on road irregularities.
  9. For example, in thermodynamics the isothermal process explicitly follows the hyperbolic path and work can be interpreted as a hyperbolic angle change.
  10. Cooling below the Curie temperature produces a rhombohedral distortion wherein the rhombohedral angle changes from 60?( cubic phase ) to 60.53?
  11. The sensors measure rollover indicators like vehicle tilt and lean-angle change, to gauge whether the vehicle is heading for a rollover situation.
  12. The points might be a bit quicker to draw, but could leave gaps, if the rotation angle changes too much at each step.
  13. Over time as the sport became more formalized, frame angles changed for quicker handling and bottom brackets heights were raised to clear broken ground.
  14. The orientation of the disk of the Moon, as related to the horizon, changes throughout its diurnal motion and the parallactic angle changes equivalently.
  15. The original television commercials and posters featured solid black silhouettes against a solid bright color, which usually changed every time the camera angle changed.
  16. Ground crews monitoring radar tracking data from the booster noticed the trajectory angle change to negative numbers, followed by a complete loss of signal.
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