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  1. The tower rises for a single stage above the nave; it has angle buttresses, triangular bell openings with tracery consisting of three circles, and a corbel table.
  2. It has projecting gabled end wings, a central projecting entry porch and render detailing that includes parapets, finials, angle buttresses, window and door surrounds and gable vents.
  3. The cathedral's large four-stage west tower has angle buttresses and a very tall crocketed spire behind an embattled parapet with crocketed corner pinnacles and at tall, is the highest spire in Yorkshire.
  4. A hood mould joins a 19th-century horizontal cill band, which runs across the wall face and continues in stepped fashion across east wall corner twin-stepped angle buttresses, and around the north and south chancel walls.
  5. To the south-west, the church has a high tower, " narrow and tall, with slender angle buttresses and a steep pyramidal roof of banded slate, and a gabled south porch with 2-centred arched doorway ".
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  7. The south-west tower of the church is the most striking architectural feature of the building and makes the building a landmark-it is a tall square tower with a pierced two-light opening in earth side, a pierced parapet, angle buttresses with pinnacles and a short spire supported by carved buttresses with a ball flower ornament.
  8. The main entrance is at the east end, from Gordon Street, through a gabled porch with angle buttresses ( with mouldings, a pointed-arch door and a two-light and oculus plate tracery window above the door ) which links onto the Lady Chapel via an octagonal turret and two-light room . ( There is also a north side entrance approached by a cloister walk from the porch .)
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