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  1. The transepts contain two-light windows, and at the corners of the chancel are angle buttresses.
  2. The north side contains a 19th-century window with arched lancets and a twin-stepped angle buttress.
  3. It has angled buttresses on the west side and a louvres have trefoiled two-light openings with square heads.
  4. The tower was doubled in height and angle buttresses were added to it towards the end of the 15th century.
  5. At the base they are supported by double-angled buttresses on their corners topped with crocketed pinnacles three stories above.
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  7. The pinnacles, faced with gable and finial devices, are crocketed with angled buttress supports the south chapel east corner.
  8. The tower has angle buttresses, a stair turret at the northeast corner, a plain parapet, and a pyramidal roof.
  9. The church has diagonal buttresses to support the tower whereas, in other churches within this group, angle buttresses are the norm.
  10. The chancel was built in 1499 . It has a double plinth course, gargoyles, parapets, coped gables, and angled buttresses.
  11. It had angle buttresses, a vice at the north-east corner, an offset to the belfry stage and an embattled parapet.
  12. A west steeple with angle buttresses, a cornice and parapet with beehive-shaped pinnacles and distinctive tall spire was also built adjoining it.
  13. The west end contains an arched doorway flanked by lancet windows and with another lancet above, angle buttresses; on the gable is a bellcote.
  14. The tower is in four stages with angled buttresses, a three-light west window above which is a clock face and two-light belfry openings.
  15. The round angle buttresses are decorated with gigantic garters ( alluding to investiture of Manuel I by the Order of the Garter by the English king Henry VII ).
  16. Bay 2 is separated from bay 3 by an angled buttress, and further full height buttresses separate bays 3, 4 and 5, which each have similar windows.
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