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  1. With HTML constructs, angle brackets.
  2. Keyboard keys are commonly referred to inside angle brackets with full commands being contained in curly brackets
  3. In this example, data in working memory is structured and variables appear between angle brackets.
  4. Like angle brackets, square brackets are never entered as part of a command or instruction.
  5. Note that the angle brackets denote the average and the  " operator is a convolution.
  6. It's difficult to find angle brackets in a sentence.
  7. The angled brackets are enclosed in separate wiki markup blocks, so they do not join.
  8. I see < > and not the links between the angle brackets.
  9. Items in angle brackets are selectable, and can be highlighted by using the cursor motion keys.
  10. These brace the tree rather like angle brackets and provide stability, reducing sway in high winds.
  11. Angle brackets may be omitted when confusing the parameter name with a literal string is not likely.
  12. As proposed by Backus, the formula defined " classes " whose names are enclosed in angle brackets.
  13. Affixes which disrupt the stem, or which themselves are discontinuous, are often marked off with angle brackets.
  14. Angle brackets (, > ) are not required around rule names ( as they are in BNF ).
  15. If the filename is enclosed within angle brackets, the file is searched for in the standard compiler include paths.
  16. I hadn't used quotes for any other literals because I use angle brackets for all non-literals.
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