analysis in a sentence

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  1. "We didn't allow enough time for analysis.
  2. HAGER : Was there anything in this analysis that startled you?
  3. Each day, city collectors take water samples for laboratory analysis.
  4. Kansas State University economist Art Barnaby concluded in a recent analysis.
  5. Even with analysis, his now tendencies are difficult to understand.
  6. It's difficult to find analysis in a sentence.
  7. This is the first real analysis I've heard yet.
  8. Sector analysis sounds like something you might flunk in high school.
  9. Wednesday, he acknowledged the concerns but disagreed with the analysis.
  10. Their analysis of DNA from other bird orders yielded similar results.
  11. Sir Charles may need a slight revision of his original analysis.
  12. Hours and hours of analysis, opinion, news and overkill.
  13. The trust and affection that develops can often defy logical analysis.
  14. While that may be a factor, that analysis is simplistic.
  15. As a subject of analysis, they are a fascinating case.
  16. Here's of our annual bowl analysis / guess package.
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