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  1. Television news is crammed with breathless live reports and overwrought analysis.
  2. Any analysis of the team has to start with Mark McGwire.
  3. A sensible analysis would at least consider them in the balance.
  4. The scrolls'ages affect analysis of their meaning and significance.
  5. In his typical laconic fashion, Coutts gave a dispassionate analysis:
  6. It's difficult to find analysis in a sentence.
  7. In the final analysis, this budget is about our values.
  8. In the final analysis, we intend to provide tax relief.
  9. With every passing day, that analysis is looking more doubtful.
  10. The service was created to provide scientific analysis for conservation programs.
  11. Maturi's forward-looking analysis seems sensible and realistic.
  12. Has it ever occurred to you that your analysis . ..
  13. NBD is known for extremely conservative risk management and credit analysis.
  14. Analysis : Haley is one of the league's best.
  15. Analysis : Smith and Brown have started the past two years.
  16. It was an analysis of the decline in extreme hitting statistics.
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