analysing in a sentence

"analysing" in Chinese  
  1. This results in her analysing Chocho as an active stative language.
  2. These can then be analysed for coverage and rated for content.
  3. Police and forensic scientists analyse CCTV video when investigating criminal activity.
  4. We cannot continue analysing for weeks, guys, we cannot.
  5. Special care must be taken when analysing such a delicate subject.
  6. It's difficult to find analysing in a sentence.
  7. Blood tests are then taken and analysed for the suspected drugs.
  8. He regularly appeared on election results programming and analysed their implications.
  9. PITC can be used for analysing secondary amines, unlike OPA.
  10. He analysed Japanese poetic language and did work in periodising Japanese(
  11. These have been intensively analysed by an international team of Anthropologists.
  12. The information is typically analysed and presented using web based technologies.
  13. There are two methods for analysing the deformation of a continuum.
  14. The pills were eventually analysed and found to contain only quinine.
  15. I'll have to go back and analyse the history.
  16. Artists may also choose to analyse the symmetry of a scene.
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