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  1. The stays are also instrumented, and their ageing meticulously analysed.
  2. He analysed and published the Eros observations made in South Africa.
  3. Tolkappiyam categorises alphabet into consonants and vowels by analysing the syllables.
  4. Pathologists can assume a time of death via analysing necrophagous diptera.
  5. Mean-field methods are commonly used to analyse the phases.
  6. It's difficult to find analysing in a sentence.
  7. Radiography uses X-rays to analyse the point of injury.
  8. One example is analysed in more detail, in a moment.
  9. A gauge theory is a mathematical framework for analysing gauge symmetries.
  10. They are widely used to analyse behaviours and to understand processes.
  11. These constraints can be expressed and analysed with network calculus methods.
  12. Today's archaeology could have analysed the soil in depth.
  13. Furthermore, the unlicensed version stops functioning after analysing 1000 tracks.
  14. Such questions provide quantitative data, which is easy to analyse.
  15. It is analysed from coin legends in what is possibly Sidetic.
  16. Jann Pasler has analysed in detail Debussy's motivic construction.
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