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  1. Differences of time budget and activity rhythm of captive and semi - free amur tiger panthera tigris altaica
  2. The chinese are said to be swarming across the amur river to carry off raw materials and women
    据称,中国人正蜂拥渡过阿穆尔河(译注:即黑龙江) ,要夺去俄罗斯的原材料和女人。
  3. This could in turn threaten the survival of both the far eastern leopard and the amur tiger or siberian tiger , whose main source of food is ungulates
  4. According to wwf , there are only some 450 siberian or amur tigers left in the wild , the vast majority of them roaring in the khabarovsk and primorky regions
  5. In the amur region there are practically unlimited reserves of kaolin rocks and anorthosites , that also will allow to decrease the cost price of final production : aluminium and silicon

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