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  1. These were basically copies or variations of Gibson and Fender amplifiers.
  2. By late 1963, some Fender amplifiers moved to blackface cosmetics.
  3. A transistor amplifier is an example of this kind of network.
  4. Often an air conditioned room just for the amplifiers is utilised.
  5. Push pull circuits are widely used in many amplifier output stages.
  6. It's difficult to find amplifier in a sentence.
  7. At present, a number of suitable amplifiers are commercially available.
  8. It is measured by connecting the electrodes to a voltage amplifier.
  9. It amplifier output is fed to splitter through coaxial trunk lines.
  10. Some amplifiers also had an aluminum trimming running around the grille.
  11. Theoretical power efficiency of class-D amplifiers is 100 %.
  12. Earlier in his career he occasionally played Gallien-Krueger amplifiers.
  13. Remotely pumped amplifiers can be regarded as repeaters without active modules.
  14. Fiberoptic amplifiers are based on optical fibers doped with rare earths.
  15. The amplifier won first place and effectively helped launch the company.
  16. This determines the lower limit of noise of a quantum amplifier.
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