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  1. In the 2010s, guitar amplifiers usually include a distortion effect.
  2. The " TPA " stands for " Transistor Phonograph Amplifier ".
  3. Electro String also sold amplifiers to go with their electric guitars.
  4. This means that the amplifier can be used much more efficiently.
  5. Meters using amplifiers can measure tiny voltages of microvolts or less.
  6. It's difficult to find amplifier in a sentence.
  7. Some amplifiers can cope with the variation better than others can.
  8. The exponential horn was replaced by an amplifier and a loudspeaker.
  9. This was intended for use by hi-fi amplifier manufacturers.
  10. In this case, an external headphone amplifier may be beneficial.
  11. This is generally called a low noise amplifier ( LNA ).
  12. Modern instruments use electronic sensors, amplifiers, and recording devices.
  13. Some earlier attempts include a one-transistor amplifier in 1966.
  14. Both amplifier power and speaker sensitivity affect the maximum realizable loudness.
  15. Rear view of a tube ( valve ) combo guitar amplifier.
  16. Over the next two years they developed their first valve amplifier.
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