amplified instrument in a sentence

  1. Bob Dunn is noted as the first musician to record an electrically amplified instrument & mdash; as a member of Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies & mdash; on January 27, 1935.
  2. There are two reasons for playing an electric violin : 1 ) to play in a band with other amplified instruments / voices; 2 ) to practice while other members of the household are asleep.
  3. Churches that include an alternative service with drums, guitars and other amplified instruments find they need a more sophisticated PA system than in the old days, when a single microphone at the pulpit was enough.
  4. The players not only bow their amplified instruments, they also beat on them with thimbles, pluck them with paper clips and play on the wrong side of the bridge or between the fingers and the nut.
  5. Up until this time, the standard procedure for both front-of-house mixing and live recording was to capture the sound of amplified instruments such as guitars by placing microphones in front of the amplifiers.
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  7. However, their build was thicker and heavier-similar to the heavy-weight Super Zyns-reflecting contemporary trends in popular music, where denser cymbals were required to meet the increasing volume of amplified instruments.
  8. This increases the volume and sustain of the pulled-off note, although the sound of the fretting finger dragging over the string may be audible on both an amplified instrument and on a brightly strung acoustic instrument.
  9. Coleman, a splendid instrumentalist, improvised from the orchestra's material, but the drastic change in timbre, the piercing quality of amplified instruments, moved " Skies of America " immediately to a second world.
  10. "White Man Sleeps " ), the quartet's use of amplified instruments, its flair for dramatic lighting and its motorcycle-hip attire have created a psychological smoke screen between the ensemble and some listeners.
  11. Lovers of folkie protest music in the 1930s despised commercial entertainment, and the residue from that prejudice led to their bitterness when Bob Dylan " went electric " by switching to amplified instruments at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival.
  12. However, the style of the music features heavily in several accounts such as that of Elektra Records founder Jac Holzman : " Backstage, Alan Lomax was bellowing that this was a folk festival, you just didn't have amplified instruments ."
  13. This selection or trimming only requires comparing the resistances of two resistors in each trimming step, which is easily accomplished by using a Wheatstone bridge circuit and a sensitive null detector  a galvanometer in the 19th century, or an electronically amplified instrument today.
  14. During this period Davies and Korner worked as session musicians, and often backed Ottilie Patterson during her featured set with husband Chris Barber's band, using amplified instruments for the first time  which did not go down well with their blues purist audience and many fellow musicians.
  15. Before the invention of microphones and amplified instruments, the instruments that were most often used were the bombarde ( a sort of oboe or shawm ) and the Scottish bagpipes ( binio?bras ) also became common in Brittany thanks to bagado?( pipe bands ) and thus often replaced the binio?kozh.
  16. By the mid-1960s numerous garage rock bands began to employ tone-altering devices such as fuzzboxes on guitars often for the purpose of enhancing the music's sonic palate and adding an aggressive edge, using loudly amplified instruments to create a barrage of " clanging " sounds, often expressing anger and defiance.
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