amplified instrument in a sentence

  1. Amplified instruments simplify the design of the series and shunt resistor networks.
  2. The amplified instrument has infrequently been used in modern rock music groups.
  3. He often composes for electric guitar and other amplified instruments.
  4. In concert, the women usually play their contemporary-classical mix, with amplified instruments.
  5. However, these amplification devices remain separate from the amplified instrument and reproduce its natural sound accurately.
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  7. One of the Vanguard's virtues is the ease with which its natural acoustics accommodate amplified instruments.
  8. Another controversy that raged for years was over allowable instrumentation, especially the use of drums and electrically amplified instruments.
  9. While focusing on the electric guitar and bass guitar, EarthQuaker Devices pedals are usable with other electronic or amplified instruments.
  10. Amplified instruments can also have their amplified tone modified by using electronic effects such as distortion, reverb, or wah-wah.
  11. IV : Windbells ", for amplified instruments and electronics, was commissioned by Caput Ensemble for the 2005 World Expo in Japan.
  12. These produce a bright sound with maximum projection, suitable for having a sound stand out among amplified instruments and typical of modern pop and smooth jazz.
  13. He played an amplified instrument, sometimes in a harsh, attacking style, and his confident, boisterous singing made a welcome contrast to Campbell's gentler, more diffident manner.
  14. Because some amplified instruments were involved, an ensemble from the conservatory's Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz Performance, joined by the trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, was not a reliable acoustical indicator.
  15. All string instruments produce sound from one or more vibrating strings, transferred to the air by the body of the instrument ( or by a pickup in the case of electronically amplified instruments ).
  16. Rhys Chatham as well as Glenn Branca blended the minimal music with modern rock esthetics and began writing microtonal pieces for large orchestras of guitarists but also wrote other classical pieces with non amplified instruments.
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