amplified heart in a sentence

  1. And that's what the group got : " Amplified Heart " is clearly closer to the band's folkier roots-- Fairport Convention, Nick Drake-- and the lighter rock of Fleetwood Mac during the early days of the Lindsey Buckingham / Stevie Nicks era.
  2. No, all the proof one needs is on the band's new " Amplified Heart, " which forgoes much of the orchestration and jazz leanings of past EBTG efforts and goes right back to the roots : Folk-rock, discreet string sections here and there, some piano, but always, out front, soft guitars and aching, lovelorn vocals.
  3. Three-year-old Republica, which will play at Gibson's in Tempe, has just the heady hit " Ready to Go " under its belt, while Everything But the Girl, which is to play the Celebrity Theatre, has been recording for 12 years with such successes as its current album " Walking Wounded " and its previous collection " Amplified Heart " among many standouts.
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