amplified heart in a sentence

  2. "Amplified Heart, " their newest album, is possibly their best.
  3. That led to " Acoustic, " which Watt says paved the way for " Amplified Heart ."
  4. "Amplified Heart, " the title of the duo's last album, would actually fit this one better.
  5. Actually, Watt says, the genesis for the sound on " Amplified Heart " began in 1992 on the " Acoustic"
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  7. Their 1994 release, " Amplified Heart, " and its house remix of " Missing " brought some of their best reviews and acclaim.
  8. 1994 saw EBTG release their seventh album, " Amplified Heart ", a hybrid of folk rock and electronica featuring contributions from guitarist " Billboard"
  9. Primarily an acoustic-driven set, " Amplified Heart " brought Everything but the Girl to mainstream audiences via the dance-floor remix of " Missing ".
  10. "Walking Wounded, " like " Amplified Heart, " examines a severed relationship that has left the narrator of the songs emotionally adrift and fixated on the past.
  11. "As soon as we started to write songs for ` Amplified Heart,'we realized the upfrontness and directness of the lyrics seemed to demand that technique, " he says.
  12. "Amplified Heart " became a hit in America only after a remixed version of " Missing, " its most commercial song, was a surprise top-five single.
  13. While recording " Amplified Heart " Thorn and Watt wrote lyrics and music for two tracks-" Protection " and " Better Things " on the second album " Protection " by Massive Attack.
  14. This was the first album in which the group adopted a more electronic and dance style after the success of the remixed version of " Missing " from their previous album, " Amplified Heart ".
  15. The group Everything but the Girl's 1994 album, " Amplified Heart, " was languishing until last year when it commissioned Todd Terry to remix the song " Missing " as a single.
  16. The sessions themselves were fast-- only a few sessions-- but " Amplified Heart " took so long to come out in part because of Watt's battle with Churg-Strauss syndrome, a rare disease involving an abnormality in the autoimmune system.
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