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  1. Before only 2, 600 fans in Zurich, Altin Haxhi scored the only goal in the 69th minute.
  2. In the 87th minute, Russia's Sergei Semak canceled out Altin Rraklli's 20th minute opener.
  3. New cast members include Yamila and Altin, who are two sisters, recently arrived in Russia from Kazakhstan.
  4. Midfielder Altin Lala is training separately from the team as he prepares for the match, despite a chest injury.
  5. WTN producer-cameraman Dario Canciello, an Italian, and his Albanian assistant Altin Bogdani, were punched and kicked.
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  7. Altin Cuko is the KF La鏸 player to have won the Albanian Superliga Golden Boot whilst still playing for the club.
  8. One commercial coating type used to improved the wear resistance of tungsten carbide tools is the AlTiN-Saturn from Sulzer Metaplas.
  9. The current head coach is Armir Grimaj, replacing Altin Rraklli who was in charge from the formation in 2011 until 2016.
  10. During this time their stops included Mosul, Baghdad, Nasiriya, Kifri, and Altin Kopru before finally ending in Sulaymaniya.
  11. In the 29th minute, fighting for the ball with Armenian goalkeeper Armenak Petrossian, Altin Haxhi kicked the ball into a goalpost.
  12. Altin Rraklli produced one of Albania's few chances in the 32nd, breaking in on a play that was whistled offside.
  13. It was announced on October 8, 2009 that legendary national team player Altin Rraklli would be joining the club as technical director.
  14. Sam and Pyp ( Josef Altin ) use crossbows to shoot at the wildlings, but Pyp is shot through the neck by Ygritte.
  15. The Newcastle goalkeeper kept out shots from Edvin Murati and Altin Rraklli to make sure Ireland didn't concede at the Qumal Stafa Stadium.
  16. Albania equalized two minutes later, when Altin Rraklli ran down the right and passed to Ervin Skela in the box with a low cross.
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