alternative vote system in a sentence

  1. In April 2011, Mayall again revived the character of Alan B'Stard to make an appearance in a satirical television advertisement for the No2AV campaign prior to the 2011 voting reform referendum in the UK . The character is shown being elected under the alternative vote system, then using his newly gained position of power to renege on his campaign promises.
  2. However, in the announcement, he sent mixed signals on his opposition to MMP when he said that " Supplementary Membership already operates successfully in the Scottish Parliament and the National Assembly for Wales "-both legislatures actually use a variant of MMP and not SM . Shirtcliffe has also attacked the referendum process as flawed and called for a quicker second round of votes to allow any electoral system to be in place before the next general election, preferential voting on alternative voting systems and a question on the reduction of Parliament seats from 120 to 100.
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