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  1. They exhibited new art at universal expositions, alongside new technology.
  2. They fought alongside Americans near Manila and on the Bataan peninsula.
  3. He played alongside O'Neal in Orlando for three seasons.
  4. Internally, growth came alongside the spread of giant corporate groups.
  5. Europe and Japan will become key markets alongside the United States.
  6. It's difficult to find alongside in a sentence.
  7. At first, the armed police would work alongside NATO troops.
  8. This put Finley alongside Aleksandr Karpovtsev, in place of Samuelsson.
  9. Ms . Francois said as she demonstrated alongside 75 other nurses.
  10. Later that evening, as I skipped alongside my father the two
  11. He sent Real Quiet up alongside Old Trieste and Indian Charlie.
  12. Corrigan tells him, referring to a bar alongside Milltown Cemetery.
  13. A person works alongside his spouse and we trusted each other.
  14. Gio orders another drink, then eyes the reporter sitting alongside.
  15. Doctors and lawyers work alongside cowboys and oilfield drillers and welders.
  16. He becomes the 56th player to play alongside Griffey since 1989.
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