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[ əlɔŋ'said ] Pronunciation:   "alongside" in a sentence   "alongside" meaning
  • adv.
    在…的侧面;与…并排。 The two ships lay alongside of each other. 两条船并排靠着。 sit alongside of sb. 和某人并肩坐着。

    横靠,傍着。 The ship lies alongside the pier. 船横靠着码头停泊。
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  1. The banks usually exist here alongside the large multiple stores .
  2. Bowel may herniate alongside a drain, with resulting obstruction。
  3. The fourth aircraft was forced to land alongside a dutch trawler .
  4. This is probably the result of slippage of cells alongside each other .
  5. He walked alongside jack briskly until they came to thirty-nine street .

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