alongside in a sentence

"alongside" meaning  "alongside" in Chinese  
  1. In doubles, alongside Martina Navratilova, she won five titles.
  2. Having Keembo working alongside them, sweating, meant a lot,
  3. Alongside, a new Natco store sells tank and vessel products.
  4. The acquisition gives Mannesmann a normal network alongside its mobile network.
  5. Where contemporary African American sculptures stand alongside memorials to confederate generals.
  6. It's difficult to find alongside in a sentence.
  7. At 350 meters, Yelena Afanasyeva of Russia moved alongside Masterkova.
  8. My constant companion, the pipeline, snaked alongside the road.
  9. But will it zoom into orbit, alongside those DSS satellites?
  10. But alongside him works the 36-year-old Tatyana.
  11. Marching right alongside Bob Dole on the hot-button issue.
  12. Bodies were being lined up alongside the house, about 30.
  13. Durham trained alongside Retton with legendary coach Bela Karolyi in Houston.
  14. Paul Laus, their fighting specialist, sometimes plays alongside Jovanovski.
  15. _Three round-headed palms alongside the monorail near Epcot.
  16. As he was leaving, Monreal saw another car pull alongside.
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