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  1. Kurri, who turns 36 in May, said, " I don't think they expect me to score 50 goals, " as he did in the past, when he was a star in the Stanley Cup era in Edmonton alongside current Rangers such as Mark Messier.
  2. By 1970, WPAG had transitioned to a full-service format featuring WCUZ, was intended as a cosmopolitan variant of the country format for Ann Arbor and mixed in compatible soft rock titles by artists such as Bob Seger and Crosby, Stills and Nash alongside current and classic country hits.
  3. The Decathlon always takes place on the weekend immediately preceding Martin Luther King, Jr . Day in January and serves as a time of reunion for former students and housing staff, who often come and stay in Gunn Hall for the weekend and participate alongside current students in the competitions.
  4. The 25-year-old Hoying, who played alongside current NFL standouts Terry Glenn, Eddie George and Rickey Dudley at Ohio State, was the second quarterback taken in the 1996 draft . Tony Banks was selected by the St . Louis Rams in the second round and became a starter as a rookie.
  5. The system, which made its debut in March, takes all the documents of a business ( or, in a version still to come, of a single user ) and works quietly alongside current software to organize every new document into a " stream " in the order the documents are created.
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  7. "' Samer Ozeir "'( born December 2, 1992 in Michigan United States ) is a Lebanese professional basketball player currently playing for Columbia University in the NCAA . He has also played for the junior Lebanon national basketball team in 2010and 2011 alongside current Lebanese pros including Ahmad Ibrahim a former student at Rice University.
  8. On 15 November 2014, Taylor joined the charity group Band Aid 30, playing drums alongside current British and Irish pop acts on the latest version of the track " Do They Know It's Christmas ? " at Sarm West Studios in Notting Hill, London, to raise money for the 2014 Ebola crisis in Western Africa.
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